The Hut



What is the Healing Hut?

Though The original Healing Hut (once located in Historic Fort Langley, BC, Canada) is currently being redesigned (and will reincarnate in Joshua Tree, CA, USA), it remains in tact in the energetic/spirit realm, a place of meditation & healing maintained by Maya, various Angelic entities and the many people who attend gatherings, circles, prayers, networkings, healings, and other activities that are offered under it’s roof and/or auspices.

The original, as well as the currently-in-manifestation version of The Hut was designed – if you feel up for believing such things – by Maya’s Angelic 'friends' over several decades ago.  The original plans were for a rather large building (the smaller Hut in Fort Langley was sanctioned by the Angelic architects as a trial run!), and plans evolve for the Hut in our new desert location. The etheric/non-physical Hut is as large as the powerful web of the love between all those who have participated in any Hut events or gatherings…open the light-fan of your being – you might be able to feel it now!

The Hut and Hut projects, initiatives and/or happenings are non-discriminatory – all peoples, cultures, spiritual paths and sexual orientations/identities/preferences aligned with seeking truth, love, light and healing are welcome. 


*  *  *

Maya and Healing Hut energy currently radiate from Joshua Tree, CA. USA

Maya, The Stone People, Angels and The Hut herself hope to work with you soon!




Music on this page:  from a CD titled "The Music of Africa - Master sound - track called "Africa" - please contact this site if you have information on where to purchase this music or how to contact the artists.  Thank you.