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Natural & Shamanic Healing
A Bit About Choosing The Path:

If you are considering alternative healing and would like to schedule a session with Maya or another Angels Circle linked practitioner, we would love to work with you! 

Alternative healing modalities differ from much of Western medicine in that they aim to put YOU in charge of your healing…this makes your practitioner a partner in your healing and NOT the director of it.  Whether we own this consciously or not, we are each responsible for our own health!   

        Alternative healing seeks to restore balance - body, mind, heart and spirit work together rather than at odds with each other.  Practitioners associated with this site may use a number of modalities to support this point of view.


A Natural Healing Viewpoint
The Body As Messenger

When you work with Maya, and many of the practitioners linked to this site, you will be working with the understanding that the body and feelings are not things to be fought with -  illness and pain are not the enemy – but rather, the body (and what it presents, health-wise), dreams and emotions are your spirit’s messengers. 

Generally, what we do not learn on another level will eventually manifest in the body. 
A message from the soul may come on the spiritual level, in the form of a dream, vision or an intuitive knowing – when disregarded, the energy of the message does not leave, but  may become a slightly louder message  – moving from a spirit message to a mental one – perhaps in the form of thoughts or daydreams…and when  we do not put them into action, they become clogged up in inactivity may move from the mental to the emotional realm – becoming anxiety or depression…when we go about our lives ignoring the emotions or feelings, or taking drugs to ‘remove’ them, the energy of the message reaches farther – moving now from the emotional realm to that of the physical…an ache or a stiffness or a lack of flow in some part of the body – the body now the vehicle thru which the message knocks on our door…and knocks and knocks until we MUST open it…in some cases, manifesting in one of the more serious dis-eases.

Dis-ease is, the Angels say, a CALLING.  Not a death threat, but a calling.  When the body speaks loudly, she wants us to listen. Natural healing provides methods for doing this work.  Working with an alternative healer does not mean giving up treatment with your doctor – most alternative healing methods work very well in conjunction with ‘regular’ medicine.  If you work with Maya, you will be working with the understanding that every emotion that has gone unfelt, unexpressed, unheard remains within the body, and the path of healing leads first INTO any feelings of fear, doubt, shame, pain, or otherwise ‘dark’ emotional places – but these, as the Angels tell us over and over again, are the magical keys to LIGHT, to HEALING, to waking up one day to a life that feels, finally, like it is YOURS.


We live in a society of a “quick fix, feel better” mentality – we are taught that to get rid of “bad” feelings fast, at any cost, is the way to go.  -- Take a pill and your head ache disappears!  You can keep on pushing just like you always do!!  But what happens after years of denying the good messages our bodies are bringing??  That stress related head ache is telling you something – is it better to wait until that message becomes the heart attack from years of too much stress?  Alternative healing thinks not.  In a world that seems to barrage us with the idea that our bodies are our enemies, alternative healing aims to guide us all home to a deeper understanding of our bodies and emotions as good friends, and offers a language through which to maintain this most important of relationships.


How Natural Healing Works - What you can expect
Natural Healing requires courage

Many if not all natural healing modalities ask that you own responsibility for your health.  This takes courage – most of us are used to being asked to hand responsibility over to our doctors.  Courage comes into the picture when you realize that moving towards Light and Healing entails going through the dark and painful things we have mostly been taught to avoid.  It is something like cleaning a room that has not been cleaned in a while – when you begin the task, and get deeper into it, it often looks messier than it did before you started…the grunge under the couch cushions is now in view, a bad smell erupts when you lift up the carpet and oh…there is perhaps even toxic black mold growing where it has been damp!  This is the phase, in healing, that we often call the “healing crisis”…when facing the truth that may have been buried for years or even decades, can feel overwhelming.  A good healing practitioner will help you navigate this period in an environment of love and safety.   Doing the “dirty work” may not be as easy as taking an aspirin, but will surely bring deeper, more long-term results. 

The Angels like to say
“You will fly as high as you are willing to dive deep”

 ...and I have seen this over and over again, in my own journey of healing, and those of my clients and others.  You will be as strong in the world as you are courageous in opening to your vulnerability.

Part of your work with Maya will be in learning to read your spirit, heart, mind and body’s messages  (what are the aspects of your being saying to you?  What are they asking for?)  and in discovering how you choose to fulfill your being’s requests!




Something To Think About:
Everything Is Vibration

As you are likely aware, the lizard is one of very few creatures on earth that, upon loosing his tail, spontaneously grows this body part back.  A study done at the Menninger Foundation, a renowned psychiatric research center, found that the measurements of the electromagnetic field of the hands of “healers” doing hands-on healing were the same as that of lizards when in the process of regenerating their tails!  The fields measure higher than those of the hands of someone going about ordinary, daily life.

Sound is vibration.  Light is vibration.  Thought is vibration.  You are vibration.  Miracles are vibration.  God (or whatever you chose to call the Mystery of all we are) is vibration.  At what rate does your soul vibrate?  Your mind?  Your heart?  Your body???

In working towards creating health, it is important to look at all the aspects of your life as a whole.  Where are you loosing energy?  In what areas of your life are you nourishing yourself?  

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Working With Maya

You may expect that your time together will include a range of modalities.  Maya tailors her sessions to your particular needs and interest, based on her intuition, guidance from her Angelic helpers, and your own input.
In her Shamanic healing practice, Maya’s aim is to facilitate with you, the choreography of the energies of your life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes, and in so doing to enhance the natural Grace of your Soul in uncovering and living your True Purpose so you may live in genuine Gratitude, Joy, Creativity and connection to whatever you hold Sacred - and in so doing, bless others in health, radiance and freedom.


Choosing A Modality That Is Right For You

       Most natural or alternative Healing practitioners practice a combination of modalities, though some - for example acupuncturists and homeopaths - often specialize in one area. 

When working with more than one practitioner, including your medical doctor, it is important that all your care-givers be aware of each other and the work you are doing with them.  Other than that, the choice is yours!  The guidelines for choosing a style of healing and a particular practitioner are the same as those for choosing a medical doctor:

 Ask Ask Ask!!!

~ Make a list of questions before you meet or speak, so you don’t forget an important question.

~ Trust your instincts - do you LIKE the practitioner, does he or she make you feel comfortable?

~ Credentials - this information can be helpful, but is not always indicative (as with medical doctors) of the best care. Check out your caregiver's credentials AND pay attention to your intuitive sense.

~ Word of mouth - if you can get a referral from someone you trust, great!  But still listen to your “inner voice” - it is your greatest ally in Life!

~ Visit the facility, practitioner, or connect via skype or phone - most practitioners should be happy to meet with you for at least a few minutes before you commit to an appointment.  They may charge a small fee for this.

Once you make a decision, and as long as your intuition says you are OK with your choice, stick with it!  Most illnesses and even many simple discomforts took a long time to develop, perhaps a lifetime...don’t ask your self to transform overnight!  On the other hand, don’t dismiss the idea that miracles DO happen!!

Alternatives in healing are not necessarily for everyone but, for those who choose to take their well-being into their own hands, can offer some tools with which to ease pain, open possibility and regain quality of life.

I hope this gives you a good jumping-off point from which to begin your discovery of how alternative healing might benefit you.

Blessings and Awakening unto YOU!


Maya is available for consultation, referrals, appointments, workshops and lectures. 
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