"There is a song", say the Winged Ones "that eternally creates and sustains the Universe.
You are not separate from that song.  Learn to hear it, and you are home"

Greetings and Welcome


the Healing Hut's
Angels' Circle

Dear Peacemakers, Lightworkers & Lovebringers
 Whether you are well on your path or just beginning to feel your wings unfurl ~

No one of us is alone on our journey.  Though we may have forgotten this, we are part of a Oneness from which we can never completely separate.  We are sisters and brothers, however far apart we may feel, of All That Is.  And The Winged Ones, who love us more than we can know, are with us now and always.  For me, this is a fact ~ but I ask no one to believe in what they have not experienced – only that we all remain open to possibility. 

The Healing Hut's Angels' Circle is an ever expanding community of angelic and human beings from many spiritual paths, committed to discovering and living a new level of ongoing communication with and support for one another.
Angels, Spirit Guides (or whatever you chose to call the beings of Infinite Energy who love and watch over existence and all within it) are Warriors, Healers and Messengers of Divine Light. Their purpose and intent is to assist us in mending our wounds and finding the courage to open to and live lives of Fulfillment and Freedom that we may become the Peace Keepers we truly are.  Their messages bring us Truth, Love, Light and Healing.
Whatever your spirituality, or lack of it, whatever your race, nationality, politics or religion – whatever names you use for what is sacred to you - you, like every one of us, without exception, have a unique path home to your true
PeaceMaker’s Heart and Mission. 
Everyone one of us can open to Divine guidance
for assistance in personal unfoldment and
fulfilment of our purpose. 
Maya and The Healing Hut’s Angels' Circle  invite you to join in opening to the eternal presence, warmth and safety of Angelic Guidance . . . and onward into the ever fuller and deeper expression of the Love that you innately are, so that you may - day by day - bring more of yourself to the ever widening circle of Light Workers, Peace Makers and Love Bringers worldwide. 

Maya & the Angels' Circle ~ About the Angel Work
I have seen, heard and experienced Angelic beings of many sorts since my birth.  I learned, early on, to keep this fact to myself.  One day, however, while giving a bodywork session, I felt compelled to share with my client a message I received from her guardian.  This lead to her request to hear more, and so occasionally I would sit with others and share with them what their Angels had to say.

 One day many years ago I was invited to contribute to my daughter's school fair in the form of a fortune teller.  Laughing, I was about to decline, when I heard my Guardians whisper "Say yes!"  I had not, at that point, officially done an "Angel Reading", but on that day, in five minute sessions, I received and shared many, many Angel messages.  It was an exhilarating experience to be in Angelic presence for an extended period - I "read" for over four hours, to lines of waiting humans that stretched around the building.  Though both the recipients and my self were deeply moved by the Angels words, and I came away thankful for the experience, I felt certain that I did not want to do it again.  Fun, but once was enough and I did not want the responsibility. . .
I went to bed that night and woke the next morning with a most unhappy back; the four hours in the chair without getting up through the readings had caused my sciatic nerve to scream!  And I was grumpy; I remembered that on two of the readings I had not transferred the Angels messages exactly as they had been given... I had felt them a bit harsh and had rounded the corners a little... I felt guilty for this. I really had no place changing in any way the divine messages spoken by a being of light to their charge.  I went to ask forgiveness.  I could hardly find a position in which my back did not hurt, but I knew that some time spent in meditation was what would mend me. 


I have studied many forms of meditation, contemplation and prayer, and my meditations are sacred to me; a time to heal, rejuvenate, center and dialogue with my own Angels.  This morning I went to the place I go to meet with the Guardians and asked for their forgiveness.  As usual, their love was forthcoming,"You are forgiven" they said.  The incredible peace and warmth that accompanies their visits flowed around and through me.  The massive being of radiant light with whom I am familiar, stood, unmoving, before me.  Suddenly I noticed that there was not one, but a trail of Angelic beings lined up from where I was to far beyond the sun!  Well, my human paranoia kicked in and my brain took over: " I must have done have done something really terrible!..." My thoughts were whirling.  Somehow in the midst of my panic, I remembered that the brain is meant to be a tool of the heart's (and not the other way around!) and I began to center my self.  The Angels stood, ever patient, in their many forms, with their many voices swelling around me…  "We would like you to continue to do this work," they said.
 Now when an Angel speaks, it is not a law that must be obeyed, but without question it is a suggestion begging consideration.  So I breathed in the radiant light around me and spoke.  I was immensely flattered, I said, honored, but I would decline.  The last thing I needed on my quest to better fit into the "normal world", I told the Angels, was to become an “Angel reader”.  As artist, actor, shamanic & natural healing facilitator (to name a few of the off beat occupations I've held) I was ready to commit to doing something "normal". They floated before me, thousands of them, and again they spoke.  "We would like you to cut off your hair and continue this work."  The Angels said no other words but through thought and image explained to me that many of them had been waiting eons to be reunited with their human counterparts.  The enormous influx of Angelic energy to the Earth at this time (as yet unprecedented in human history as we know it), and the vibrational speed at which all on Earth are being asked now to grow has facilitated a new level of awareness and need in human kind. I was to remove my hair as it held my doubts, dispose of it in a ceremony they described, and continue to be a bridge through which people might have an experience of their Angels and, it was the Angels hope, maintain a partnership with them.  This partnership was - is - our human birthright, an innate state of grace which we had forgotten, but which not only could, but must, be remembered if we are to make the transitions we are being asked to make.  The information was not completely new to me.  I had thought before about how much easier things would be if everyone knew their Angels.  But I didn't want the job.  My actor’s agent would disown me if I cut my hair.  My poor family would probably figure I was now certifiably the nutcase they always suspected I was. I was sure that at least one of my daughters was already embarrassed to tell people what I did for work.....  So I finished my meditation. 
It was less than minutes later that I found myself bouncing around the living room, completely free of back pain, explaining what was asked of me (normally, my experiences of the divine are very private), and as I said the words "...and I'm not going to do it.." I found myself nodding my head "yes", and as I said "and I can't cut my hair...", I found myself - literally - picking up the scissors.  At that moment I realized that indeed, I was not doing IT, rather IT was doing ME.  And so it has been every step of the way; the Angels are ever present.  I offer this work not because I consciously chose it but because it chose me, and it has become one of my greatest joys.  It is my hope and the Angels' that communion with them will become one of yours, as well.. 
The long lineup of winged beings who presented themselves to me that day are YOUR  Angels.  They are waiting for you.  I am aware that many of you have been waiting for them.  Whether you've longed for your Spirit family or are just curious (I never ask anyone to believe any thing they have not experienced - I wouldn't, I just happened to have had an unusual number of unusual experiences), I urge you to investigate.  Whether through the Angels' Circle, some other path of Spirit or the song of your own heart, the time is now to allow the immense healing and abundance that comes in human partnership with the divine, to be yours.  They are asking for your voice, your heart - they are not separate from the voice of your soul, your deepest heart, or from God, by what ever name you use.  Unfold your wings.  Unfold your awareness....they are all around you.  Can you feel them?


Allow the passion of the Earth and the joy of the Winged Ones to energize and re-awaken you to the magic and radiant power to heal and transform that surrounds us all. 


The Angel Workshops

Angels want nothing more than for you to be healed in joy and courage to do your Life's Work, to live in Freedom and Creativity.  Learn to experience the presence of the extraordinary Angelic Beings surrounding us all.  Through gentle exercises designed to increase the strength and flexibility of your body, mind, heart and spirit, the Angel Workshops offer a safe, healing environment in which to widen your experience of Angelic assistance en route to ongoing unity with Oneness.  Meet your guardian Angels and allow this communion to transform your daily life. 

Weekend and 7 day workshops offered.
Both workshops will focus on strengthening your ability to see, hear, and sense Angelic presence through beginning Shamanic techniques, spiritual exercises, meditation, movement and prayer.  These are hands (and hearts!)-on workshops!
Finding Angels

The weekend workshop is geared towards giving you the tools you need to awaken your own natural and innate abilities to perceive and work with the Angelic kingdom. The Angel's desire to work with you in fulfilling your deepest dreams and your soul’s purpose, is the driving force behind this magical weekend.

The Courageous Ones

is the Angel's name for us.  The Angels see the only difference between themselves and us to be that we, from among them, were the ones who had the courage to come down and experience life in human form.  We are of them.  And in this seven day retreat, they aim to guide us in recognizing our own Angelic/God Selves.  This recognition brings immensely heightened ability to see, hear and commune with them, facilitating the unfoldment of our souls' personal plan. 
The content of the workshops will vary based on the level of experience of participants and ongoing input from the Angels Circle guides and guides of participants.  Some topics/teachings covered in the workshops include

•Communing with and differentiating between, Angels of the Air, Fire, Water and Earth,personal Guardians and others
•Tools and techniques for consecrating and maintaining sacred space
•Use of mudras, movement and sound to facilitate physical and emotional healing and to purify the body and energy field for clearer perception of Angelic presence
•Meeting and working with your personal power animals/animal Angels
•How to make offerings to Nature Spirits/Angels
•Practice in receiving Angelic messages
•How to activate, use and care for an Angel crystal
•A deeper look at "the Angel Blessing"
•Use of crystals for enhancement of communion
•Using Angelic love to bless, heal and empower others.

Deepen your communion with your personal guardians and allow the beauty and grace of Angelic assistance to move you into the courage and passion that are rightfully yours!
Live your soul’s purpose now.

When you register for a workshop, you will receive a preparation packet.  Your packet will give you more information about the event, a list of items to gather to bring with you, and some things to do to prepare.
Workshops take place sporadically or by request - contact us for dates, or to sponsor a workshop in your area.
The Healing Hut, Angels' Circle and Maya  welcome your inquiries. 
Please contact us for more information:
Maya would very much prefer that you sign up for a workshop as the workshop gives you the tools you need to develop your own dynamic relationship with your personal guardians, as opposed to needing Maya as a go-between!  However, she does offer Angel readings as described below, and these can be a pleasant and moving introduction or renewal of connection with your Angelic helpers.
Angel Readings
Maya’s readings begin with a simple cleansing ceremony to assist you in letting go of your worldly stresses and in opening to the magical presence of Angels. Your Reading takes place in a space prepared under Angelic guidance for this purpose.  Maya describes in detail all she sees and hears.  Ask any questions you wish, or simply receive their messages to you. 
Readings may include “Angel homework” and are finished with an Angel Blessing.

What to expect:
An Angel reading is not like a typical “psychic” reading.  Personal Guardian Angels, in general, do not deal in life’s mundane circumstance (though on the odd occasion, I have received some very specific notes from them).  They prefer to deal with the larger life lessons – and more often than not, their messages will be of Love and Light and Healing.  For example, when asked questions like  “what will the winning lottery number be?” they are more likely to relay information as to how to shift your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual patterns to allow prosperity and abundance into you life so you wont feel the need to buy lottery tickets!
 Many people experience some perception of their guardians while receiving their readings.  These experiences range from a feeling of deep love and warmth, to actually physically feeling the Angels' hands on their backs, heart, head or other body part.  Some people see movement of Angelic Light, hear Angelic music, or are surrounded by the scent or fresh flowers.  For others, it is enough to be comforted by the Angels' words.

For those at a distance: 

Maya and the Angels request, if at all possible, that you attend a reading in person, however, Maya offers readings via phone or zoom (a face-to-face online platform similar to, but more dependable than skype). Instructions on how to prepare will be sent prior to your session.
All of Maya's Angel Offerings are by donation. 
Note: You are never paying for the Angels Wisdom! Maya, like everyone, has needs in the physical world, so donations are very much appreciated. However, NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS.
Suggested donation amounts are set for various events based on output costs - venues, utilities, materials etc.
Suggested donation amount for Readings: $107
Finding Angels, the Weekend Workshop: $206 
The Courageous Ones, 7 Day Retreat: Varies depending on venue
If  you are unable to pay the full cost, please make a donation
in any amount you are able. As soon as you can, please pay some Loving Energy  forward, to someone less fortunate than yourself - See the "Holy Day" page if you need an idea.
All readings take approximately one hour. 

Contact Maya for more information or to schedule a reading.

Maya and the Angels look forward to working with you!
 Readings & Workshops ~ What People Said:

"I felt totally safe here. It was all so safely done. And so deeply done...The  utter safety, gentleness, knowledge, wisdom, practicality—I walked away with new information of useful things I absolutely know I want to and will do now to assist and support my healing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for you and your work!" 
—Suzanne, Dancer 
"My session with Maya enabled me to find a tangible connection with the higher power I always knew was there.  I sought this connection through many paths, and Maya's angel work was the first time I found a deep truth that made sense to me personally."
—James, Advertising Executive
"How wonderful the experience was for me.  I came here stressed from life and left feeling that I had a higher purpose.  I am grateful to have heard my angels and to have felt them.  I felt deep warmth and love throughout. I thank them and you for helping me remember how near and dear they are to me."  
— Carolyn, Angel enthusiast
"I am nine years old.  How I liked my Angel reading.  It was cool.  It was different than other things, it was very different at first and then it was very exciting.  You get all the bad stuff out of your mind, pain, stress, and it was just like you could blow out your soul and shake all the bad stuff out.  It made me feel I could do more things and it was the best night of my life.  It was great and you should go."     
— James K.



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