Chakra Session ~ Light Body Awareness


A Chakra Balancing & Healing Session may be new to you - read on and see if you feel a resonance.  Though the sessions are gentle, they catalyze deep change, and are not for everyone.  In a Chakra Balancing Session, work is done on and with the subtle bodies of  your being,  relaxing, realigning and energizing your body's electro-magnetic field.  This  has an effect on all of your "systems" (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).  If you choose to have a Chakra Balancing, you may experience very deep, dynamic and pivotal life-changes in the days, week or even moths following. 

Though Maya does not ask that you 'believe' in such things, it is her reality that Angelic beings do exist, and it is through their guidance that the Chakra Balancing Sessions are done.  Changes and growth catalyzed by a session may be immediate or may take place over time -   But changes, say the Angels, WILL come. 

The gist of what the treatment does is to catalyze the movement of energetic blocks and the mending of energetic  leaks on whatever aspects of your being may be in need, so that healing can take its natural course.  Release what has held you from natural healthy energy flow, find and mend areas in your being and lifestyle that have drained energy from you. . .

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual - all levels of your being in need of shifting will be affected by a Chakra Balancing & Healing Session.  Sessions decompresses, unlock and release.  Enjoy fuller breath, a deeper sense of peace, clarity of thought, more vibrant self awareness, and quite likely some healthy life pattern changes!

When mental, emotional and physical levels of energy flow, health and open-ness exist, then your

FULL BRIGHT SPIRIT- Your Divine Essence -

can come more fully into your being, here and now on Earth.

Here is a thing to bear in mind - your Chakra Balancing & Healing Session is a Gateway; We enter into the session with the intention and invitation that

If things are ready to change,  we are open to that change,

for Highest Good of All,

aligned with Truth and Light and Love and Healing. 

The work itself is very gentle, and you may end up just going to sleep for an hour or more. Usually, a Session includes use of sound, crystals, and sometimes gentle movement of your body and aura/energy field.  Stones are placed on and around your body, and sounds may be directed into your body or aura, using voice and/or drums, rattles or various chimes.  You are invited and encouraged to talk about your experience as we go, and share things that come up for you - emotions, images, thoughts...for expression of these things moves them up and out of your body, heart, mind and general energy field  in order to be released - making more room for your Light to flow.

The more Light you are allow through your being, the quicker healing can take place. 

You may leave with some "Homework" - exercises/suggestions as to things you can do to continue to heighten your awareness of your Light Body and strengthen your presence on Earth, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

The session, including some talking at the beginning and a little time at the end, takes about two hours.  When we are finished, you may feel very relaxed and light.  We suggest going for a gentle walk before you drive home.   It is good to plan to be just with yourself sometime the same day - to write in your journal, or simply be with your new energy.  You may not feel different, but you will be, and assimilation time is good to take.

Please feel free to make contact via email with questions or to book a session.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Blessings & Love,

Maya, The Stone People & Angels