The particulars of my childhood and many of the teachers, life-situations, and personal experiences I have encountered in both this lifetime and others, combined with my soul’s nature, have made me both healer and artist in equal parts. I aim to create a balance of the two in my life and offerings.  This website circles the healing side of my work and I welcome you to it.
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I have worked much of my life as healing facilitator in some capacity –  counseling, ministering, teaching, mentoring, guiding, blessing, bestowing, inspiring or otherwise intending growth into openness and awareness.  Sometimes it may be simply that someone learns from me that what I do is NOT for them, seeing more clearly what their own path is or is not…and this is fine with me:  I do believe some things that others may find odd – but let me be clear: I never ask anyone to believe what they have not experienced – Indeed, I wouldn’t – I just happen to have had an unusual number of unusual (to many people) experiences, so the range of what is true for me is fairly wide… 
What is real for me may not be so for you – but as you peruse this website and especially if you choose to engage in any Healing Hut activities, I invite you to entertain the realm of possibility – the possibility that we are – this world is – much, much more than we often think we are/it is …and in opening to possibility, may you find new keys to your fulfillment and freedom.  

I believe that in healing ourselves – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually – that we may discover and thus (in the words of author/teacher David Deida) “give our deepest gifts” of self in every moment, and live each of our
precious moments
in presence,
fierce integrity
and radiant bliss –
And that personal healing and awakening is the first chapter of what we are here for.  The next chapter, once we are living in Health and Grace, is to
Play upon,
Create with
& Bless in Gratitude
this Earth while we are here. These ideas are not new – they are in fact quite ancient…but to me, they are eternally valid and truly exciting.

I myself in no way profess to be a finished product – I am an ongoing one, and have as many moments as the next guy in shadow and confusion – to put it like long-time friend, Rich Hill of Gabriel Consulting (click here for Gabriel Consulting) does: 
“I’m just another Bozo on the bus” –
but I’m also, just like you, unique and one of a kind...
So I’m offering what I can offer, and hoping some of what I offer might be of use to
in brightening YOUR offering -
because I think this world needs us ALL, at our best. 
And I think that is what we came here to be and do - Uniquely Ourselves.  AND We do not have to do it alone.  In fact, to my way of understanding, we are NEVER alone - we sometimes allow the myths of our society to trick us into closing ourselves off from the pulsing, living Universe all around us - yet even so, it awaits our return.
The return to our deepest, brightest memory of this Truth can be hard, hard work.  It can be magical and mystically beautiful.   Whatever your path, you are here, and breathing; this is no small accomplishment.  I thank you –  for taking the risk of journeying through the thick woods of your path, and for bringing your Light & Gifts ever more fully to this world of ours.
 My studies in healing over the almost six decades of my life have been eclectic, multicultural, and spiritually broad & deep.  I work intuitively and with the Earth & Sky, the four winds, stars, sun and moon and those in the so called "Other" realms - that is, with Angels, Ancestors, Faeries and other beings of
Light and unconditional Love.  
I was sexually abused as a small child and this trauma  shaped my life - contributing both to my struggles and to my gifts.  I believe that speaking about abuse is absolutely necessary for healing.  If you are struggling with abuse issues of any kind, I invite you to trust that your pain, too, may become your greatest teacher and transformer.  Keep at it. Reach out.  Talk about what happened until you feel and are heard.  Believe in your being's ability to heal.  Everything in nature moves towards healing unless we stop it from doing so - even a tarred-over meadow will, eventually, crack, and a tiny blade of grass find its way up from the dark weight to the bright sunlight...
find that tender blade and let it grow - its your gift - and the world is waiting for the piece of the puzzle that is your shining heart.
Thank you for reading this.
All my offerings are just that – offerings.  Take what works for you, let what doesn’t drift away on the fading evening light, so that when tomorrow’s comes, you may be fresh and open to what serves you.  You will find more information about me and my work scattered throughout this website ~ but please feel free to email me with any questions.
*  *  *
May some small or large sparkle of peace flow to you now or very soon ~
(breathe open so you don’t miss it!)


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Maya is currently a student in the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program at Starr King School for the Ministry.  She is also studying at The Chaplaincy Institute in the Interfaith Chaplaincy and Spiritual Direction programs.  She is working towards her M.Div, Interfaith Ordination, APCE Board Certification in Chaplaincy and her Spiritual Direction certificate.  Currently in the internship portion of her training, Maya is offering Spiritual Direction for a small number of souls who feel drawn to this deeply enriching work.

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Alternative Healing Facilitator 

Maya began her learning in alternative and spiritual healing as a child, when Angelic entities spoke to her and when her first babysitter, a healing witch, took her deep into the woods to study the ways of plants and animals.  A course in Transcendental meditation at age 15 began Maya’s in-depth investigation of many traditions of meditation, contemplation and spirituality.  By the time she was in university she was leading a weekly meditation group and working as a peer counselor.  Maya graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, Albuquerque, NM. in 1984, having completed coursework and practicum in a number of healing modalities including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Color Healing, Visualization Therapies, Counseling, Flower & Herbal Remedies, Chakra and Crystal Healing, Colon Hydrotherapy, Alternative Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology and more.  During her art studies, Maya had an interest in psychology and biology of the human body while at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, and University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. From an early age Maya’s training in Shamanic Healing has taken place with traditional healers and shaman people from Mexico to the Southwestern USA, West Indies, West and Southern Africa, Western Canada and far into the Dreamtime.  Maya was a Certified Natural Childbirth educator and Doula (Informed Birth & Parenting; Elizabeth Davis School of Midwifery). 

Maya has facilitated Women’s Moon circles, Survivors for Survivors (a sexual abuse self-help group), Meditation & Spiritual Healing circles, Couples support groups, and numerous art and spirituality groups and classes for over 30 years.  Maya’s one-on-one sessions offer an eclectic mix of ancient and new therapies designed to work with and enhance whatever programs clients doctors have prescribed. 

Maya is also a Diplomat of Earth Stewardship, Certified Spiritual Healer and Ordained Minister through the Lynn Andrews Mystery School for Arts & Training with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations.  She is a certified Reiki Practitioner, and has been a Certified Natural Childbirth Educator and Doula with Informed Homebirth/Informed Birth & Parenting.  Maya is a Life Passages Ritual and Ceremonial designer, choreographer and leader.





Crystal Caretaker & Priestess 

From the time she first picked up a stone, Maya was enchanted with “The Stone People”.  As a small child, and later as a young teen, Maya was ‘shown’ images of specific crystal beings that she believed existed only in the ethereal or dream realms. In 1988 Maya learned that one crystal she had been shown and worked with in the non-physical realm for years, was, indeed, actually present on Earth in physical form – this was the acclaimed Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull.  Thus began Maya’s pact with her guides to seek out the other crystals that had been shown to her.  She has had the privilege of spending time with several amazing crystal beings including the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the British Museum Crystal Skull, ShNaRa, several large uncut crystals of extremely high vibration and many, many powerful crystal beings and their human caretakers around the globe.


  Maya has worked in healing ceremony with her Crystal Allies and hundreds of human Light Pilgrims in the deserts of Southern California, New Mexico and Arizona, and her crystal friends have taken her up into the crystal grids of her beloved province of British Columbia.  For most of her life, Maya kept her deep work with crystal to herself, using stone in certain healing work with those in need, but not sharing this with many.  Finally, after waking one night in 2008 to an image on her wall of one of the crystals she was shown as a child, she felt that her work with the Stone People would soon become public.  The stone being she 'saw' that night did come to her – she is Zaba, the 96 lb crystal skull.  Since Zaba arrived in Maya’s life, Maya and her crystal partners are honored to share the joy and powerful healing they experience with all who are curious.

Maya has studied crystal healing at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, The Lynn Andrews Center for Arts & Training, several short courses, with indigenous healers of several nations and most importantly to her - with the Stone People themselves - since early childhood.  Using her Shamanic training and teachings from the Dreamtime and the Angelic Realm, Maya’s work with stone & crystal, and specifically quartz crystal has been the most important  part of her life.  Urged by Zaba and her Angel friends to bring her crystal work out into the world, Maya now humbly and joyfully shares with all who ask.

Maya’ and Zaba's book, Full Embodiment, on activation of the LightBody or Chakra System, shares much of what she has learned about working in partnership with crystal and how you may enter into your own human-crystal friendship for health, freedom and fulfillment.




Shamanic & Fine Artist 

Maya has taught art to wonderful human beings from ages 3 to 83, to kids diagnosed with autism, inner city children labeled “problem” kids, to teens and to adults from many walks of life.  For 19 years she taught shamanic art to 250 women at an annual spiritual gathering in the desert of Southern California. 

(Maya, by the way, does not believe that ANY kids are ‘problems’.)


Maya has been making art since she was a child of one year.  Growing up in an artistic family (mother a potter by trade, father a brilliant though part-time painter), her joy in making things was well nourished.  She attended a fine arts high school (The Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, Ma.), where she studied dance, science and visual arts including painting & drawing, printmaking, sculpture and art as personal and political statement. She then continued her love of the arts at Bennington College (University) in Bennington, VT, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY and at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.  Her studies included dance, fine arts, psychology and art education.  Maya’s investigation of the uses and making of shamanic art (art created as healing tools or gateways – such as drums, rattles, fetishes etc used in healing ceremonies or to shift consciousness) began at a young age and lead her from the deep woods of her own back yard to Mexico, the Southwestern USA, West Indies, West and Southern Africa, Canada and far into the Dreamtime. 

Maya feels that each piece of artwork is an entity seeking to be born – "artwork looks for our light, and when it finds a suitable vessel, comes to us, tricking us into the belief that it is we who have dreamed it up."  Maya sees her job as artist to be to remain as clear, open and willing as possible so that art of the highest nature may find and choose her.  In communion with the “Otherworld” Maya allows artwork wishing to be born to enter through the gateway of her being.

Maya believes we are all capable of inviting spiritual art to flow through us, and to this end, facilitates workshop participants in clearing the blocks and mending leaks in their energy fields so magical art may be born!





Actress & Poet

Maya has been a working actor in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Her work in film and television has included roles in  Caprica, The L Word, House, Supernatural, Outer Limits, Poltergeist, Dream Works’ The Uninvited , upcoming Cabin In The Woods, and others.  In 2002 her performance in the short film Death’s Dream won her a Leo Award for Best Performance, Female.  Maya’s extensive studies have included film & TV acting, voice & movement, voice-over work, improvisation, comedy, stage combat and Shakespeare in both Los Angeles and Vancouver. In 2008 she fulfilled a long-time acting dream and completed the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Shakespeare Program in London UK.  One of Maya's passions is Performance Capture work (Motion Capture or 'MoCap').  Maya has also studied many forms of dance and movement from an early age (including Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, African, Jazz, Improv and Shamanic dance, various yogas, breathwork).

Full list of Maya’s acting credits and training available upon request.


Maya’s work in Alternative and Crystal Healing combined with her acting and public speaking has lead her to the development of both a short and an extended course in the use of the chakra system to enliven and authenticize performance.  Maya shares her techniques with actors, teachers, public speakers of all sorts and every day folks wishing to unearth their ability to use voice, powerful emotion and magnetic presence to enhance their work in the world or simple joy in every day life.


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